Dragon Girl Costumes For Young Girls

Halloween 2014 with their Great Grandma Beth

When we make the costumes I have them decide on the costume they want by the beginning of September each year so that I have at least 2 months to design and build the costumes. Continue reading “Dragon Girl Costumes For Young Girls”

Costumes for Annie Kids, little ensemble orphans

My girls wanted to be in their schools musical Annie Kids this year. The school decided to do Annie Kids. They tried out and both landed a small role. As orphans.

The director gave us some instructions which said, “go to the thrift stores and find older fashioned clothing that you can make look ratty and layered. Keep it 1940s ish and make sure you start now because if you wait all the good clothes will be gone”. This was back in December…

Continue reading “Costumes for Annie Kids, little ensemble orphans”

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