Bread Sculpting (Should you ever need to eat your words)

If you ever need to eat your words.

When I make my Refrigerator  Roll Dough I tend to have left over dough. My kids love when I have left over dough. This means I get to have a little fun. I love making shapes with dough. But what’s the fun if you have to just squish it and put it away. What if you could try your hand at making something fun shaped that you can end up eating! ( With out the use of a mold or cookie cutter) And yes, sometimes your sculptures end up a little “scary” but where is the fun and surprise if that didn’t happen.

Our finished Easter Bunny

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Baby Knight Costume

10687210_10154778747210527_7395937449681716502_n (1)

After making 2 dragons for Halloween I figured we needed a Knight to help the people. So my Thing 3 was then to be Knighted. I designed my own tunic for him. My first attempt was too small for his chubby little belly. Continue reading “Baby Knight Costume”

Costumes for Annie Kids, little ensemble orphans

My girls wanted to be in their schools musical Annie Kids this year. The school decided to do Annie Kids. They tried out and both landed a small role. As orphans.

The director gave us some instructions which said, “go to the thrift stores and find older fashioned clothing that you can make look ratty and layered. Keep it 1940s ish and make sure you start now because if you wait all the good clothes will be gone”. This was back in December…

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