Being the mother of 3 kiddos, I try to have some fun. I like to get out of the house when I can and help remind myself and my little ones that the world is a marvelous and magical place.

Sometimes, my adventures start just by taking a walk around our neighborhood. Other times they take us out into the wilderness of the city, or the actual wilds. I like to go on hikes in our nearby mountains, finding waterfalls and streams and reservoirs. Or, we go out and enjoy some ancient writings on the rocks… petroglyph and pictographs. I love camping and climbing rocks and trees, or just watching the clouds. Many adventures that we take are in the city. We go to the library, or museums. All of these are great ways to bring magic into your life.

Some, but not all of our adventures take us out of our home state, Utah. And we have been some cool places: Yellowstone National Park, San Francisco, Seattle.

I will talk about those actual trips later. However, here on our adventure page, things aren’t just about taking big trips. It’s about the everyday and the big magical happenings and how my family and I experience them.

I love taking my children outside. I like to have them discover the minuscule things around them; the lady bugs, the hissing beetles, the inch worms, and grasshoppers. I hope my kids never lose the wonder that they have when they find these happy creatures.

Thing 1 perfecting her bug charming skills… the girl is wonderful with butterflies!

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