Bread Sculpting (Should you ever need to eat your words)

If you ever need to eat your words.

When I make my Refrigerator  Roll Dough I tend to have left over dough. My kids love when I have left over dough. This means I get to have a little fun. I love making shapes with dough. But what’s the fun if you have to just squish it and put it away. What if you could try your hand at making something fun shaped that you can end up eating! ( With out the use of a mold or cookie cutter) And yes, sometimes your sculptures end up a little “scary” but where is the fun and surprise if that didn’t happen.

Our finished Easter Bunny

So first you have to decide what you want to create. Sometimes I just want to create my kids names. They love that! Or you could make words that have to do with whatever. If you don’t want to do words or letters, then head on over to the sculpture side of things and figure out what you want to try and build!

When I have the dough all ready, I take my piece of dough and let it warm up a bit. So that it is a little more pliable. As you roll it around it softens up and you can start to form it to what ever shape you desire.

If you want to add a little color or flavor add sprinkles or cinnamon sugar to your creation now.

My Things enjoying some time in the kitchen

You can also add candies or chocolate chips here. This is a sweet bread and anything sweet can be added that you desire to try out.

After you shape it you need to let it rest and rise a little. It rises better when it has some warmth under it and saran wrap over the top of it. So I set it on the oven as it is preheating, or if I am doing several batches of things, as they are baking.

When it goes into the oven I take the saran wrap off. Let the creation bake. I bake these creations at about 375 to 400 degrees F. For about 10 mins or until golden brown.

*PS- When I am not in the mood to have sweet bread I will also make these with a more savory bread dough like a baguette dough. It’s a little unconventional but I like to just snack on savory bread. Also though, I enjoy food that looks as fun as it tastes.










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