Baby Knight Costume

10687210_10154778747210527_7395937449681716502_n (1)

After making 2 dragons for Halloween I figured we needed a Knight to help the people. So my Thing 3 was then to be Knighted. I designed my own tunic for him. My first attempt was too small for his chubby little belly.


So I had to peel it off of him and then add in some side panels to make it a little wider. Also in order to get it on and off I decided to make one of the sides have a Velcro opening. This gave him enough room to wiggle and walk and all the things little baby’s do.

I then found a pattern for a Knights sigil. And cut it out in felt, sewed the 2 pieces of felt together and attached them to the tunic.

Next we needed to find a Helm for our steadfast knight. That is something you can’t buy small enough. So I searched the internet for ideas. But settled myself with the idea that I could make one out of a “knitted” cap.

I made one with the help of a knitting loom I picked up at the store a while before this. After making the cap I attached braided strips of yarn to one side and tied them off on the other side. In order to form the chin guard for his Helm.


Our Handsome Knight rode his trusty steed to see his sisters march in their school Halloween parade.


Halloween 2014

Thing 3 with Great Grandma R Halloween 2014

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