Costumes for Annie Kids, little ensemble orphans

My girls wanted to be in their schools musical Annie Kids this year. The school decided to do Annie Kids. They tried out and both landed a small role. As orphans.

The director gave us some instructions which said, “go to the thrift stores and find older fashioned clothing that you can make look ratty and layered. Keep it 1940s ish and make sure you start now because if you wait all the good clothes will be gone”. This was back in December…

I waited until last Wednesday to start looking for clothing. I went to two different thrift stores and found clothing easily, however, when it came to putting everything together and ready to be orphan clothing I waited until last night. (The dress rehearsal is today after school)

My oldest decided she liked both of the dresses I bought her and didn’t want me to ruin it. So I promised to come up with something so she can use then later.

I came up with a plan. The skirt for Thing 2 was just a touch to big for her miniscule waist, so let’s fix that by attaching it to the leggings/bloomers.

Now it’s important to use pins to keep things in alignment while you sew things… I regularly try to sew with out them, and am reminded that it isn’t a good idea.

Once that was put together I needed to work on making and sewing on patches which first needed to look old and dirty.

This is not old and dirty cloth…

We needed to make the “bloomers” and some other articles of clothing dirty as well. So I got out my husband’s shoe polish, and went to town getting things dirty.

Having dirtied these 2 (or 3) articles of clothing on top of the previously shown “not dirty” cloth strips and then doing some extra dirtying of the “not dirty or old cloth”, I cut it up into oddly shaped “squares.” Keeping in mind that these are patches on orphan girls clothes, and probably patches made by said girls.

I then decided where I wanted the patches to be on the clothing, pinned them to the dresses and sweaters, and began to sew them on. Using a loose and easily picked stitch so that I can remove them from the clothing once all is done so the girls can continue to wear the dresses and sweaters after the show.

I did all this after I put the kids to bed. I turned on some music and just sat down to get it done. I spent a total of $22 on the clothing. The rest was just what I had around the house and about 1 hours worth of effort. The girls loved the way they turned out. Thing 2 wants to wear her sweater everywhere now, patches and all.

When they were getting things ready in the morning before school, preparing for their dress rehearsal after school, Thing 1 brought me the shoes that she was planning on wearing with this outfit. One had a giant hole in the top part of it. She wanted me to fix it before school as I was about to leave. I knew where my shoe goo stuff was so I grabbed that, and poured it into the hole. I closed it up with binder clips and moved them around a little as the glue set, so that they wouldn’t be stuck to the shoe and prayed that it would work. I had to leave before finding out if it set. As it turned out it worked! Well enough to get through an hour and a half rehearsal!


Thing 1 and Thing 2 before their first performance.


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