Thing #3’s Grizzlies Bedroom

Thing Three is all boy- his love is UTAH GRIZZLIES Hockey! We used this as our inspiration for painting his bedroom.


His room had been a basic all white paint, and he needed some color. So we washed down the walls and got started.


We saw a design in our head and decided to go with it, so picked up a metal yard stick, a pencil and got our trusty step-ladder and voila!



Next we got out the Frog Tape and just started to outline the areas to paint.


We had picked the paint colors to match our Utah Grizzlies colors and went to Lowe’s and bought the paint, rollers and pans, paint brush for the lines, plastic to cover the carpet and the bed which is too heavy to move. Found our trusty screwdriver and took off the electrical outlet covers and taped around them… bought some more Frog Tape as we needed more than we had on hand, this time they had the Yellow Frog Tape and wow! It works so much better we have now switched! So we painted the brown which was the majority of the room. Then waited overnight before starting in again with the tape and paint.


Next we painted the green of the design. We also needed a bit of white for accent and to the make the room look a little lighter.


We had to make a decision here, should we go from the closet to the doorway or not, we decided to do that area too, so took the light switch cover off and taped that area also.


We took another part of a day to finish with the tape and paint. After the painting is done we get to do the fun part – stripping down the tape carefully, yet as close to when the paint is dry, so we can see how our ideas have come together.


We then moved his dresser and table back and made the bed Utah red, because he is also a Ute Fan.


Though the room is painted we kept the boy out for one more night just to let the walls cure a bit more before letting him sleep in the room.

We finished all the cleanup and the wall is ready for the last piece.


My husband had a friend who was able to get us a vinyl Grizzlies Hockey to put into our painting. We did worry it would be a bit much with those teeth but it hasn’t been a problem at all!


This is how to paint a room.

You have an idea and run with it!


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