Healing Ken’s Wounded foot

17157777_10158272908305527_1206176944099977548_o (1)

I would like to introduce you to my oldest child, Thing 1, she presented me with a problem one day:  Ken had broken his foot clean off his leg and though he usually is relegated to a sort of non-status, ever since the broken foot, he has received much more attention.

Seeing the girls dismay, I quickly looked around my home for possible healing items. Once assembled on the dinette, my ready assistant and I began the surgery.


That’s right, a surgeon is nothing without Mod Podge, Shoe Goo, a piece of cotton cloth, neon green sizzors and a sponge brush.

At the end of the day, here lies Ken, recuperating from his wounds with new adoration from the young girls who barely acknowledged his existence before.

You too can become a master surgeon and heal your dolls when needed, by looking around your home and seeing all the healing materials that abound there! Oh yes, do not forget a paper plate for a sterile surface to mend your Ken!

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